Supporting Students with Refugee Backgrounds

The Framework for Responsive Practice as outlined in the July 2016th Capacity Building Series monograph is used to assist educators in their reflections and “development of a whole-school approach for supporting the successful integration of students with refugee backgrounds” (2016 Special Edition #45). The vision is highlighted by six learning conditions in which English language … More Supporting Students with Refugee Backgrounds

Making the Most out of Twitter as a Professional Learning Tool

I can’t recall when it was exactly when I realized the potential of Twitter Teachers – perhaps it was when browsing Tumblr #education tags and realized a large community of professional educators all around the world (well more so in North America) using social media to communicate their experiences with administration and in the classroom. … More Making the Most out of Twitter as a Professional Learning Tool

Day One : #StaffNotStuff #StudentSuccessAlways

Discussing digital responsibility, and citizenship today made me feel incredibly lucky to be an educator for our digital age students. I, along with 13 other Elementary Occasional Teachers have such a breadth of knowledge to share with each other and the students that we will interact with over the next few months. My main goal … More Day One : #StaffNotStuff #StudentSuccessAlways Go Visit ASAP!

Not only is the production value of the tools just as impressive as the content on, it has considerable brought my teaching to a new level. Kids covered The Teaching Channel during my first semester of teachers college and having my first exposure to an international teaching network is something I’m forever thankful for. … More Go Visit ASAP!

Sensational Attitudes are the Ultimate Organizational Tip

There are evenings in which I know for sure I am not alone in my endless discoveries on the sweetest but defining Perhaps it’s an initiation to the teaching world but from what I’ve seen on the endless organizational boards, are pins tacked up there from individuals much more creative and spatially aware than … More Sensational Attitudes are the Ultimate Organizational Tip